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We hope, you will enjoy our site, and we are looking forward to meet you one day in person. We hope, you will return from time to time to see what s new in our agenda and activities.
Lions klub Piešťany is a member of The International Association of Lions klubs (IALk) which is worldwide volunteer humanitary organization following its motto : WE SERVE
The objects of Lionism are to create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world,to promote the principles of good government and good citizenship, to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the comunity.

Facts of Lions klub Piešťany

District: 122, Česká republika and Slovenská republika
Club number: 4300-061399
Club address: Hotel Eden, Winterova 60, 92101 Piešťany,
tel.: +421-33-7725009, +421-33-7724709
fax: +421-33-7622123,
Bank connection: VÚB Piešťany,125366 6753/0200
Registration: MV SR, IČO: 36082601

Officers 2018- 2020

President: Ing. Roman Jilly
Past president: JUDr. Radoslav Zigo
1st Vice President: Ing. Ivan Kardoš
2nd Vice President: Ing. Jarmila Bokorová
Secretary: Ing. Pavol Werner
Treasurer : Ing. Jarmila Bokorová
Youth Exchange : Ing.Miloš Sebedinský  
Past presidents :

MUDr. Pavol Veres 1999-200

Ing. Ivan Kubáň 2001-2003

JUDr. Vladimír Gembický 2003-2005

Ing. Peter Osvald 2005-2006

MUDr. Ladislav Gleso 2006-2008

Ing. Štefan Mažo 2008-2010

Ing.Peter Imrich 2010-2012

Ing.Tibor Bokor 2012-2014

Ing. Miloš Sebedinský 2014-2016

JUDr. Radoslav Zigo 2016-2018

Membership: 23 regular members and 1 honour member.
Initial meeting: February 4th, 1998
Charter Night: February 13th, 1999
Sponsor Club: LC DOVINA Bratislava, Lion: Ing. Kubicová
Meetings time: Every 2nd  Monday at 7 p.m.
Club meetings: PLEASE NOTE ! Since November 2017 meetings  take place in restaurant  la Musica, Teplická 39 Piestany,

All Lions are cordially invited


LC Karlovy Vary  CZ

LC Fribault   US

umelage LC Faribault, Minnesota, USA
LC Karlove Vary, Česko Twinning